“The leaders were awesome—completely professional, fun and reassuring.”

—Parent of John T., Seattle, WA


ARCC Trip Leaders are exceptional people of extraordinary character and experience. They are enthusiastic about serving others, travel, adventure, and most importantly, helping teenagers thrive. A job at ARCC is a coveted position. As a result, we are able to handpick experienced, energetic, fun, capable and mature individuals to lead our programs. Our extremely competitive hiring process ensures ARCC students receive the finest quality leadership in the industry. ARCC Trip Leaders inspire, motivate, and set a positive example that lasts far beyond the summer’s end.

Program Leadership

ARCC boasts over a fifty percent return rate for staff. Ranging from 21-32 years old, and averaging 24 years, our leaders have extensive experience in team leading, service learning, teaching, and international travel. Each ARCC program is led by one male and one female Trip Leader.  Trip Leaders are selected from hundreds of highly qualified applicants and trained extensively by ARCC. In addition to these Trip Leaders, we also enlist professional outfitters for our adventure activities such as rafting, surfing, sailing and SCUBA diving.

Trip Leader Selection

ARCC’s outstanding reputation in the industry brings us hundreds of staff applications each year. We take careful steps to ensure we hire leaders with extraordinary character and experience. We only hire new leaders after they participate in a multi-stage interview/hiring process; this process includes a detailed application, multiple reference checks and a series of in-depth interviews. In addition, all leaders must pass rigorous background checks in order to work for ARCC.  New leaders are not put onto programs until they also successfully complete ARCC’s intensive 8-day Staff Training under the scrutiny of Full Time and seasoned Field Staff members.

Leader Training

ARCC’s comprehensive Staff Training sets the industry standard and is the prototype for many similar programs. Each ARCC leader has at least 80 hours of Emergency Wilderness Medicine training and must be WFR or EMT certified. In addition to the extensive experience our leaders already bring to ARCC, they are also required to attend our sweeping 8-day Staff Training focusing on trip safety, group dynamics, logistics, leadership, communications, protocols and emergency procedures.  This eight day training is followed by two to three additional days of focused trip preparation.  In sum, our leaders are required to have at least 20 days of training prior to leading a program for ARCC.

Adam Zeender 300x300

Adam Zeender

Anna T.

Anna Tadio

Annie Barocas

Annie Barocas


Ashley Jones

Brent Anderson

Brent Anderson

Buck McKenna 300x300

Buck McKenna

Cade T.

Cade Thompson

Cameron Denney 300x300

Cameron Denney


Conor Birmingham

Dana A.

Dana Armstrong


Debbie Terry

Eddie L.

Eddie LaMair

Emma R.

Emma Reinhalter


Eric Brown


Erik Jacobsen

Erin Minuth

Erin Minuth

Esteban L.

Esteban Limon

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Evan Fairmont

Franco Guzman 300x300

Franco Guzman

Graham Phelps

Graham Phelps


Greg Berry

Hailey Doss 300x300

Hailey Doss


Hauna Trenerry


J.D. Siler

Jenae McCarroll 300x300

Jenae McCarroll


Jimmy Singer

Johanna Fischer 300x300

Johanna Fischer

Johnny S.

Johnny Sudekum


Kaitlyn Hanson

Kevin Brehm 300x300

Kevin Brehm

Kim Wheeler 300x300

Kim Wheeler


Lainey Yu

Lee E.

Lee Erickson

Leslie C.

Leslie Claridge

Luke Barbee 300x300

Luke Barbee

Luke D.

Luke Dauner

Margo B.

Margo Brookfield

Matt C.

Matt Cook

Molly Schmidt 300x300

Molly Schmidt

Nolan Wildfire 300x300

Nolan Wildfire

Peter Haugen 300x300

Peter Haugen

Phoebe M.

Phoebe McGuire

Rose C.

Rose Carlson

Sally Henkel

Sally Henkel


Zach Gilford

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