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The Adventures Cross-Country experience is best told through our past students and their parents. Please call 415-332-5075 to receive a list of our references.

We receive countless emails, letters, and phone calls from students and parents telling us about their incredible ARCC experience; each one represents a student whose life has changed by traveling with ARCC. We are thrilled to share their comments.

I found this trip a life changing experience that has impacted me and will stick with me throughout my life. I have found who I really am and grown to love who I am. An unforgettable summer!

— Chloe B., Pacific Palisades, CA

ARCC gave me the best summer of my life!

— Tory H., Santa Monica, CA - ARCC student

One word - amazing! It's been one of the best experiences of my life. [I have gained] appreciation for what I have, and [have learned] that I am strong in more than just physical strength. I want to help more people now.

— Ian A., ARCC Student

Jessica had an absolutely INCREDIBLE time in Thailand! The trip was jam packed with wonderful adventures and experiences. I can hear the absolute joy in her voice as she describes different adventures. You did a fantastic job and we appreciate your leadership very, very much!

— Parent of Jessica A., Sunnyvale, CA

This trip brought together 12 complete strangers and built us into a family that could conquer any obstacle!

— Will S., ARCC Student

Olivia had a wonderful experience, truly great. She was challenged, exhilarated, and loved the Ecuadorians and fellow students she met.

— Parent of Olivia R., Marblehead, MA

This trip has given me new friends and new stories, but more importantly I am returning home with a sense of self I’ve never felt before.

— Andrew R., Providence, RI - ARCC Student

Costa Rica Service was the perfect mix of adventure, service and pure fun. From the relationships built to the funny moments, the memories of this trip will remain with me forever.

— Courtney B., Los Altos Hills, CA

Between my leaders and the people I met in Africa, I had the best summer ever and wish other people can experience the magic of traveling with ARCC.

— Katie P. Mill Valley, CA - ARCC Student

After my summer in Alaska, I now know I can do anything I put my mind to.

— Colten K., New Canaan, CT - ARCC Student

Ari had gone to Hawaii with a great appreciation for the ocean, the outdoors, nature and for others. I think this trip completely solidified his connection to all of this and it was exactly the kind of program we had intended for him.

— Mother of Ari J., Tenafly, NJ

Avery said the trip was "the best trip of her whole life." She continues to regale us with stories of her adventures, the beautiful scenery, excellent food, and wonderful friendships made. She is already asking to go on another ARCC trip next summer.

— Parents of Avery B., Norfolk, VA

Absolutely wonderful in every way! Katie will be back on another trip next summer and hopes to work for you when she's old enough. She loved every minute of this trip and I am so impressed with the leadership, experience and myriad of activities you provided.

— Parent of Katie S., Northfield, IL

Cory had a fabulous trip! He loved his group and the area of the world this venture allowed him to see. He enjoyed the service aspect of Fiji as well as playing with the children there. He also said the water was extremely beautiful. Australia was a fabulous component. He thoroughly enjoyed the diving, the cultural aspects of Sydney and the whitewater rafting. All in all, a marvelous experience for him.

— Parent of Cory C.

Because of this trip I was able to see and experience Hawaii in a way most people never get to. From the incredible valleys and breathtaking sights to all the amazing people I met, I wouldn’t trade this trip for anything. I got more out of it than I could have asked for.

— Hallie D., Greenwich, CT

This trip was the most amazing experience of my life. While my friends relaxed at sleep-away camps, I learned more skills than I thought possible. I saw the wonders of these states, discovered myself, and made lifelong friends. This has been one summer I will never forget!

— Sean H., Toronto, Ontario

Even though this is my third ARCC trip, it was as exciting as my first trip. I enjoyed every moment of every adventure alongside my new friends. ARCC trips are truly unforgettable.

— Emma T., Darien, CT

This trip has been the greatest thing I have ever done. Thank you ARCC.

— Nick M., ARCC Student

I loved every minute of my ARCC adventure. Every activity was unbelievable and rewarding. My leaders taught me so much and inspired me to keep being who I am.

— Anne C., Wilton, CT

Kendall said the whole trip was "amazing". She loved Spain, her group and her leaders. She was SO enthusiastic and excited about the experience. We could not give it anything but a perfect 10.

— Parent of Kendall C., Indianapolis, IN

It's good to keep in mind that at every moment you’re experiencing something you never have before and probably never will again.

— Brian Y., ARCC Student

The constant flow of language and cultural immersion paved the way for me to learn about myself and how I hope to live my life.

— Darcy M., Needham, MA

This is our fourth trip with ARCC (two daughters) I love the complete information, the experience of the staff answering the phones year round, the prompt service, and above all the fun, hard working, teen friendly leaders that make these kids tow the line all year in hopes of another trip from ARCC. Thank you

— Parents of Maggie A., Summit, NJ

Between my leaders and the people I met in Africa, I had the best summer ever and wish other people can experience the magic of traveling with ARCC.

— Katie P. Mill Valley, CA - ARCC Student

Anne is my second daughter to participate in an ARCC program. Once again, I was blown away by what a great company it is and what amazing trips they run. It is so organized and thorough, and my daughters could not have had better experiences. I'm so thankful to ARCC for giving my daughters this opportunity and for helping to shape them into the people they are today!!

— Parents of Anne C., Wilton, CT

You and your organization are truly extraordinary, demonstrating a dedication and commitment to the kids who travel with you that is second to none.

— Parent of Jennifer M., Rancho Palos Verdes, CA

Sometimes the greatest lessons in life reside in the simplest of things. This adventure opened my eyes to a greater world where materialism shares no importance, but the foundation of life is constructed around love, knowledge, respect, and independence.

— Sterling L., ARCC Student

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Adventures Cross-Country, for over 30 years a world leader in teenage community service, service learning, leadership and adventure programs, combines fun and educational activities with community service work, cultural immersion, adventure travel, and outdoor adventures.

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