Aspire to Excellence

ARCC teen tours provide a safe and fun environment that inspires lifelong friendships, leadership skills, and self confidence in our students. The lasting positive influence that comes from our adventures gives students the tools to step up to future challenges and tasks before them.

Superb Program Design

Superbly planned programs are a hallmark of Adventures Cross-Country. ARCC programs are planned years in advance of their departures -- a monumental challenge -- but one that pays of immensely for our students. Learn More

Unique and Unforgettable Experiences

ARCC is committed to providing unique and life-changing experiences that resonate deep within our students. ARCC students engage in intimate, authentic encounters with the people, the cultures and the lands they visit.

Rich Educational Programming

Education is an essential part of the ARCC experience. Lessons throughout the program may be academic, in the form of the trip curriculum, or may be experiential, delivered through immersion in new ideas and situations.

Exceptional Trip Leaders

ARCC Program Leaders are exceptional individuals of extraordinary character and experience. Selected from many hundreds of applications, ARCC leaders are enthusiastic about serving others, and most importantly, helping our teenagers thrive. Learn More

Impeccable Safety Record

Our commitment to safety is the envy of the industry and we are very proud of our safety record, no ARCC student has ever suffered an injury requiring an overnight hospital stay. Learn More

Quality Participants

ARCC students want to be on our programs and arrive ready to immerse themselves in this extraordinary experience. We screen references from every prospective student and only accept those we believe will be positive and enthusiastic group members.

Small Group Size

Our teen travel groups consist of no more than eighteen students. Our leaders cherish the time they have getting to know each student, which helps them tailor the program to meet individual needs. Small groups give students the chance to bond together and establish close lifelong friendships.

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About ARCC

Adventures Cross-Country offers a variety of service learning and adventure opportunities around the world for teenagers. ARCC programs, which include community service adventures, language adventures, leadership adventures, and multisport adventures, provide middle school and high school students a rewarding and educational summer experience in a small group setting.

Adventures Cross-Country, for over 30 years a world leader in teenage community service, service learning, leadership and adventure programs, combines fun and educational activities with community service work, cultural immersion, adventure travel, and outdoor adventures.

International teen summer adventure camps include:

Activities on ARCC programs include: community service, service learning activities, leadership classes, surf camps, wilderness adventure programs, marine biology study, SCUBA diving adventure programs, , whitewater rafting adventures, safari, language immersion and more.

If you are a middle school or high school student or teenager looking to combine the best of teen summer travel and teen tour programs, join us on our summer adventure camps!

If you are a high school graduate and are considering travel abroad for a Gap Year combining service, adventure, language, education, culture, join us on our Gap Semesters in Latin America, Africa, and Asia. College Credit is available.

Adventures Cross-Country Gap Semesters take place in AsiaAfrica and South America, with each 90 day program traveling to numerous countries: