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America’s (small) New Trend: Taking a Gap Year

Gap years have long been popular in Europe and Australia. Now, a small but growing group of U.S. teens and their parents are jumping aboard the gap year trend.

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The Wall Street Journal

Welcome To College. Now Take A Year Off

Colleges are offering financial aid to entice admitted students to stay away for a year.

Gap years, long popular in Europe, have gained ground in the U.S. not just for wealthy teens who can afford a lengthy vacation, but also for students of modest means who want to pause before jumping into academic endeavors.

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The New York Times

How Taking A Gap Year Can Change Your Life

If your teenager is talking about taking a year away from the classroom between high school and college, you may have Malia Obama to thank for that. But if they’re not yet talking about whether to follow her lead, they should be.

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The Sacramento Bee

Gap year is a great idea – if students can afford it

A few months ago, I attended a gap year fair at the elite Harvard-Westlake School in San Fernando Valley. The floor of the gym was rimmed with folding tables bearing pennants and thick brochures about the exciting projects in store for students who take a year off between high school and college.

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