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Tufts University Will Pay Students To Take A Gap Year

“One element that makes Tufts 1+4 different is that it democratizes the bridge-year experience, meaning that no student will be precluded from participating because of financial need.”

“Tufts 1+4 also speaks to a national priority, namely President Obama’s call to action on college opportunity. Tufts is one of more than 100 colleges and universities supporting that call with a pledge to widen access to higher education for lower-income students. By providing financial support, the bridge year will be within reach of students who traditionally have been unable to participate in such experiences.”

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Mind The Gap (Year): A Break Before College Might Do Some Good

“Taking a gap year, postponing the start of college, is becoming more common in the U.S. As Kirk Carapezza reports, more schools are encouraging students to take one — and even helping pay for them.”

“More and more elite schools are packaging gap years. Princeton and UNC-Chapel Hill, for example, have started to offer fully subsidized service programs so that more low-income students can get similar experiences to their affluent peers.”

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Gap Student

Gap Student Olivia Gaines: The Impact of a Gap Year

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Widness & Wiggins

Sarong, Steri-Pen, Headlamp Among Must-Pack Items for Trip Leaders Traveling with Adventures Cross-Country

A travel company that journeys with teens compiles a list of travel “must haves” and pashmina doesn’t make the cut.

“Our trip staff has traveled extensively all around the world, both personally and professionally. We asked them to share with us their favorite travel items.” says Scott von Eschen, President of Adventures Cross-Country that since 1983 has provided domestic and international cultural experiences that combine community service, adventure and language immersion for students ages 13 to 19.

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