A Week at the Academy

A perspective from Lydia! During our stay at the Academy, each member of ARCC was placed with a buddy to spend time with. My (Lydia’s) buddy was Maggie, a 14-year-old from a small village outside of Nanyuki, Kenya. At first shy and withdrawn, Maggie soon began to open up to me about her past, her […]

Making and Installing Solar Panels

Rough winds and rain gusted through the truck as we bumped through the hills of Maasai land. After blessing the rains down in Africa with the help of Toto, we were greeted by Debs and her and Thiemo’s German Shepherds Turbo, Sally, and Stella. Throughout the day, zebras and livestock would freely stroll and graze […]

Maasai Homestay

To start our homestay with a bang, we were greeted by our host, Jonathan, on a main road, and then proceeded to walk 50 minutes with our huge backpacks and daypacks to arrive at our home for the next week. We arrived at his home, where his family greeted us with smiles and open arms. […]

Reflections from Tanzania

It is fascinating to explore the nature of relativity while traveling internationally; more specifically, the differences between two cultures’ interpretations of the same word. Our experiences in Africa have offered several opportunities to see this contrast firsthand–our time at Meserani Snake Park these past 2 weeks especially. We built relationships with the nurses Jane and […]