Rafting and Ziplining

Hola from El Cairo!!! We just finished rafting! We headed to the river yesterday morning, had a safety talk from our awesome guides, suited up in life jackets and helmets, and then loaded into boats and floated away! The morning was filled with class 2 and 3 rapids, a quick stop to hike to an […]

The End of a Wonderful Adventure

Today we woke up in the beautiful lodge to a light rain and headed down for breakfast at 7:30. For breakfast we had delicious banana pancakes, eggs and fruit. After a great breakfast, we gathered on the deck to prepare for ziplining. The instructors helped us slip into our harnesses, we grabbed some helmets and […]

Helping out on the Farm

On Sunday the 27th, we all had a very early start in order to arrive in San Isidro on time. After about three and a half hours of driving we made a pit stop at a crocodile bridge where we all bought souvenirs and delicious milkshakes. We then proceeded across the bridge, periodically stopping to […]

Teaching English

Last night we were presented with a challenge. All 17 of us had to stand on a tarp and, without stepping off, had to flip it over. However, the people who had done it before were not allowed to speak. We were honestly kind of lost. We had some brainstorming discussions, tried a few techniques […]

Surf’s Up!

For the cook crew and leaders of the day, today began at 5:30. They labored in the kitchen making delicious pancakes for an hour. At 6:30, we were all up, eating and talking about surfing. When Luigi and Fredo came to our campsite at 7:30, we were ready to go, rash guards and all. We […]