Saving the Sea Turtles

Today we came back to San José after finishing our turtle unit. We were at the turtle reserve for three days and we learned a lot about turtles. On Saturday night, we saw a leatherback turtle laying eggs. She was ENORMOUS!! The day before, we saw baby turtles crawl into the ocean. I can’t believe […]

Teaching English, What a Day!

Today we taught English to local 5th and 6th graders…what a day! After a delicious breakfast of omelets and fruit, we worked hard to finish preparing our lessons. We set up games of Bingo, quilt making with sentences, charades, and flashcards. We taught them family and farm animal vocabulary. The kids were very energetic and […]

A Surfing Song

The sun comes up, The sky is blue My first day of surfing And real camping, too. Rashguard on, I’m ready to roll, Determination in my soul Chorus Not sure what to expect Don’t know what to say I remember the sound of the waves crashing For the first time that day. Me and the […]

Building a Library

We woke up extremely early this morning and we sat down to a breakfast of…banana pancakes! We walked to the site where we would be working and building for the next few days. We split into two groups, one that sanded the wood, and one that sawed and hammered the wood into place. My group […]

Our New Home

To add some details about the town we are staying in: it is really small and scattered with only about 80 people living here (I have seen only about 20 so far). They must walk up and down the roads (or by horse or Jeep) to get to the center of town (which is not […]

Wildlife we’ve seen so far

Blue Morpho Butterfly Glass Frog Coati Fer de lance snake Toucan!! Iguana Jesus Christ Lizard Anole Lizard Land crab Jellyfish Sand Dollars (alive) Hermit Crabs Green Sea Turtle Howler Monkey Spider Monkey White-Faced Capuchin Monkey Leatherback Sea Turtle Sloth