Domestic Gap Options

60-Day to 70-Day Gap Domestic Semesters

Fall Domestic Gap Programs

Three Incredible Gap Semesters In the United States

With the state of the world, and so many college plans in flux this Fall, we are doing our very best to provide educational opportunities for growth and discovery closer to home. Whether you’re interested in border studies, native cultures, marine wildlife or environmental conservation, there are so many incredible places to explore right here in the United States!

Dive deep into important social and conservation issues playing out in the American Southwest. Explore the spires, canyons, and dramatic geography of Moab’s Canyonlands while earning your Wilderness First Responder certification. Investigate important water rights issues while rafting the Colorado River and visiting Lake Powell. Assist on a sustainable building project and examine immigration issues in the Borderlands. End your program by obtaining your SCUBA certification along California’s southern coast.

Discover the American Northwest and Hawaii with a look at important environmental and social issues. Explore the Tetons and participate in wildlife conservation work in Yellowstone National Park. Learn about the Elwha Dam removal in Washington’s Olympic Peninsula and assist wildlife researchers in a cougar study. Team up with marine biologists to learn about Washington’s marine ecosystems while sailing in the San Juan islands. Finish your adventure backpacking, surfing, and earning your SCUBA certification in the paradise of Hawaii.

Explore stunning landscapes, important local issues, and the famous Aloha spirit in Hawaii! Assist in coral research with biologists and dive with manta rays on the Big Island. Lend a hand protecting native watersheds and learn to surf on O’ahu. Explore marine ecosystems while earning your SCUBA certification on Kauai. Discuss food security and the local movement toward sustainability. Experience traditional agricultural and fishing practices in quaint Hanalei, then witness the power of mother nature exploring Volcanoes National Park.