Pursuing Academic Credit

During the Gap Semester, ARCC Gap students have the option to earn up to 20-quarter hours of college credit through Seattle Central Community College (SCCC). SCCC is accredited through the Northwestern Association of Schools and Colleges which is widely accepted throughout the country at both public university and private institutions. SCCC was also named by Time Magazine as one of the 100 best institutions in the U.S.A.

SCCC offers a number of courses designed to allow students to earn academic credit for international study or volunteer experience. The courses do not require you to go to Seattle, and there is no physical classroom. The course meets electronically by email, mail, phone or fax. Reading, journaling and paper-writing are an integral part of the curriculum. There is a high degree of latitude for you in determining what you would like to study within each course – you can focus on the aspects of the region or culture that are of most interest to you, and all three courses fit into the structure of the ARCC Gap Curriculum on any ARCC Gap Semester.

SCCC Course Credit Options

EDU 291: Using the World as a Classroom (5 or 10 credits)

Research outside the classroom is now a reality. Students will pick a travel destination, select a research topic, gather research data, and combine them all into a learning experience. This is a self-paced course designed to maximize learning and travel experiences.

SSC 297: Travel/Study Experience (5 or 10 credits)

Designed to provide hands-on learning opportunities for students and other individuals who undertake domestic and/or foreign travel. It offers the participant an opportunity to learn outside the classroom by taking advantage of cross-cultural activities and events, historic sites, geologic formations, museums, etc. — activities that are available through travel.

ITL 197: International Cooperative Education (5 credits)

This course provides students with an opportunity to earn academic credit for work experience or volunteer service in an international setting. It provides for both personal and professional growth and is intended for students who desire to expand their educational experiences beyond the traditional classroom setting by working directly within another culture. It engages students in meaningful work experiences, or in responsible and challenging volunteer activity for the common good, while helping them gain understanding, acquire knowledge, and develop the necessary skills for living in a globally interdependent and culturally diverse world. In addition to working or volunteering, students may elect to attend language school (optional) to improve foreign language proficiency. Supplemental assignments offer opportunities for research and reflection of experiences. NOTE: Job/internship/volunteer time and language school attendance must be verified.

The cost per credit for non-residents (of Washington):
5 credits $550.00
10 credits $1075.00
All fees for college credit is paid to SCCC (Seattle Central Community College), not ARCC.

The following is a list of colleges and universities that have accepted Seattle Central Community College’s travel/study credit. Please be advised that these schools do not automatically accept the credit, nor is it a complete list. In some instances, certain programs within a university will accept the credit; others will not. Check with the universities you plan on applying to in the future to ensure that they will accept the transferred credit from SCCC. Students who plan to use the travel/study courses to fulfill specific curriculum requirements should discuss transfer options, and if possible, obtain written approval from a counselor, department chairperson, or study abroad advisor at their “home” college/university PRIOR to enrollment in our courses.

American University (Washington, D.C.)
Arizona State University
Arkansas State University
Austin Community College
Bard College
Barry University (Florida)
Baylor University
California Polytechnic
California State University – Los Angeles
California State University – Northridge
Cerro Coso Community College
College of Charleston
College of Wooster
Cuesta College
Emerson College
Evergreen State College, The
Fullerton College
Green River Community College
Hobart & Wm. Smith (Massachusetts)
Louisiana State University
Michigan State University
Mount Holyoke College (Massachusetts)
Nazarine University
New School University (Texas)
Northeastern University (Boston)
Orange Coast College
Oregon State University
Point Loma College
Portland State University
Purdue University
Regence (Colorado)
San Diego State University
San Francisco State University
San Luis Obispo
Santa Rosa College
Seattle Pacific University
Southern Oregon University
Southwest Texas State University
St. Edwards University
St. Martin’s College
St. Mary’s College (Maryland)
Stanford University
Sweet Briar College (Virginia)
Texas A & M
University of Arizona
University of Arkansas
University of California – Berkeley
University of California – Irvine
University of California – San Diego
University of Colorado
University of Dayton
University of Florida
University of Hawaii
University of Massachusetts
University of New Hampshire
University of North Carolina
University of Oregon
University of Pittsburgh
University of Texas – Arlington
University of Texas – Austin
University of Washington
Western Kentucky Govcher College
Western Michigan University
Winona State University

For more information, including a detailed syllabus and how to register for credit through Seattle Central Community College, please go to: http://www.seattlecentral.edu/coop/travel_courses.php.  If you have specific questions, feel free to email Karen Kato at karen.kato@seattlecolleges.edu or to call: 206.934.6998