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The ARCC Gap experience is best told through our past students and their parents. We receive countless emails, letters, and phone calls from students and parents telling us about their incredible ARCC experience; each one represents a student whose life has changed by traveling with ARCC. We are thrilled to share their comments.

“We are all indebted to ARCC for helping launch JT into the world. The opportunities you provided to JT (and all young adults you serve) to take the time to understand himself and understand the world was incredibly valuable. The thoughtfulness you put into making it a positve and lasting experience is worth all the effort and definitely made all the difference for JT.”

— Parent of JT W., San Francisco, CA (sent to ARCC five years after his semester)

“What an amazing experience for her and such a welcome relief for her mind and spirit after a disappointing high school senior year because of COVID. “

— Parent of Julia S., Berkeley Heights, NJ

“All we can report is Grace is having an amazing time! When we finally face-timed with her she was just so mature and composed and delighted with her trip. She said her group was quite special and they had formed a real bond. The food is great. The program is great. We’re so happy with ARCC – you’ve really exceeded our expectations!”

— Parent of Grace C., Southampton, MA

“Victoria did not have a single complaint. It is all about temperament and learning life’s most important lesson of our COVID times – agility, adaptability, and resilience – and fortunately, Victoria recognizes the opportunity for growth and is just at a perfect place with ARCC to embrace all that is presented.”

— Parent of Victoria W. Kilauea, HI

“Zander had the time of this life, and the organization of everything from keeping us informed to the semester itself is first-class. Congratulations to you & your team – this is not an easy thing to pull off!”

— Parent of Zander M., Boulder, CO, Bates ’22

“Sam has always been a positive person, but the semester provided him a new perspective on the world that gave him a new sense of maturity, calm strength and self confidence. He has a greater appreciation for the diversity of the world and was inspired by the many people he met and their resiliency.”

— Parent of Sam W., San Rafael, CA, Brown University ’21

“It is a wonderful experience for Kali and we are thrilled to hear her widening her perspective and thinking. The office and the instructors were on top of everything. We are very very happy and just loved the blog posts!”

— Parent of Kali M., East Greenwich, RI, New School ’22

“We are thrilled that she/we chose ARCC! Very positive experience. Went in with high expectations and were not disappointed. Very well run, structured, safe program. She met great friends, learned a lot and was happy!”

— Parent of Becca S., Glencoe, IL, Tufts ’22

“Annie has never been happier. She has really hit a new stride on this semester and loved everything so much.”

— Parent of Annie W., Chattanooga, TN, Elon ’21

“Truly an exhilarating experience, and honestly the best time of my life.”

— Kevin J., Vienna, VA, College of William and Mary ’22

“Andrea departed on the ARCC semester with a limited understanding of Spanish, limited exposure to lifestyles beyond North America, and little experience dealing with day-to-day challenges outside the academic realm. She returned, confident and happy, and greatly appreciative of the people she met, and the experience itself. She is now poised to begin college with a sense of purpose and direction!”

— Parent of Andrea S., Washington, DC, Quest University ’21

“Zander grew a lot on this semester. He learned not only about the places he visited, but about himself, group interactions, etc. The balance of tourism, service and local connection was really valuable. In addition, the student-led aspect was terrific!”

— Parent of Zander M., Boulder, CO, Bates ’22

“Taylor had a wonderful experience and the biggest takeaway was opening up her mind to see things in a different way. That is a priceless part of this trip and the manner in which the trip is organized around immersions and adventure travel allows for those new view points to come through in a very positive way.”

— Parent of Taylor P., Cincinnati, OH, Harvard ’22

“Choosing to participate in an ARCC semester has been one of the most important and eye opening experiences of my life. It enabled me to live in a very intentional way working to better myself. Experiencing the world more has given me confidence to move forward in life proudly and with more certainty and clarity.”

— Kathryn S., Northport, ME, Simmons ’21

“The overall level of communication with the parents, and the level of detail, before and during the semester was incredible. It made us feel prepared, and gave us a high level of confidence in ARCC and its staff – and that our son was in good hands. Thank you!”

— Parent of Daniel H., Lake Forest, IL, University of Colorado ’22

“I thoroughly researched gap year programs and ARCC was above and beyond everything else. Doing ethical and
meaningful projects was very important to me, and ARCC exceeded my expectations. The program reignited my
academic curiosity and made me genuinely excited to continue to learn in college. Go on East Africa Gap and completely
change your life!”

— Abby F., Natick, MA., Williams College ‘21

“We are happy and proud of Aaron having had such a positive and maturing opportunity far away from his comfort
zone. He was able to confirm his interest in electrical engineering through the solar panel installation project and at
least for a short brief moment, he was enlightened by having found the answer to ‘what is all this for?’”

— Parent of Aaron L., Menlo Park, CA, UPenn ‘22

“Africa in real life is not the same one they teach you about in textbooks back home, and with ARCC you get to experience
the truth. The best part is that all of their projects are self-sufficient and grassroots based. You never have
to worry about the parachute volunteering aspect. I’ve become a much better global citizen.”

— Mackenzie B., Hollis, NH, George Washington University ‘21

“Connor is really thriving. ARCC Gap was the best decision ever!”

— Parent of Connor O., Manchester, CT, University of Connecticut ‘22

“I feel like in my one semester with ARCC in East Africa I’ve had the equivalent of four years in school. The nice thing
is that no desks or classes were even involved. I’ve spent all eighteen years of my life doing a very limited amount
of things out of the ordinary, but through my growth in my time with ARCC, I feel braced for any challenge life may
throw at me.”

— Tyler A., Prairie Village, KS, Missouri State ‘21

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