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Pacific Islands Gap Semester

  • Facilitate English Lessons in a Fijian School While Living in a Traditional Bure
  • Track Orangutans and Interview Rangers While Working Alongside a Sumatran NGO
  • Surf the Famous Waves of Bali’s Bukit Peninsula
  • Visit a Balinese Birthing Clinic to Learn About Access to Health Care in Bali
  • Learn About Island Life and Rice Farming Through a Sumatran Homestay at Lake Toba
  • Become SCUBA Certified in the Warm Pacific Waters of Fiji
  • Explore Ubud, Indonesia’s Spiritual Hub, and Participate in a Water Cleansing Ritual
  • Volunteer at East Bali’s First Community-Owned Cashew Factory
  • Lend a Hand to a Coral Reef Rehabilitation Project Alongside Local University Students
  • Join the Farm-to-Table Movement via an All-Day Balinese Cooking Experience