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  • Let the Sights, Sounds, and Flavors of Thailand Sink in as the “Land of Smiles” Welcomes You
  • Explore Ancient Temples and Chat With Buddhist Monks About Thailand’s National Religion
  • Lead a Camp for Children in an Ethnic Minority and Help Safeguard their Hill Tribe from Landslides
  • Maintain a Reserve for Wild Elephants and Catch a Glimpse of These Creatures From Your Jungle Treehouse
  • Create your own Pad Thai, Curry, Spring Rolls, and Sticky Rice in a Cooking Class Dedicated to Thai Flavor Traditions
  • Take a Mud Bath with the Largest Land Mammal, Then Keep the Elephants Happy With Plenty of Hand-Fed Watermelon
  • Earn Your SCUBA Certification while Diving Brilliant Coral Reefs on a Private Island
  • 40 Hours of Community Service