27 Waterfalls to La Mina!

These last few days have been awesome!Our time at the 27 Waterfalls was a complete blast. We hiked for about an hour to our first waterfall, then walked, jumped, swam and slid our way through a beautiful canyon of waterfalls. Surfing was incredible as well! The conditions were perfect and everyone in the group did really well. Our instructors turned out to be really talented musicians and we soaked in their sounds as we headed to the well-known beach Playa Grande after our morning spent surfing.

It was pouring tropical rain by the time we got to Playa Grande but we enjoyed the beach just the same and even got a huge game of volleyball going in the ocean!

Sunday night we headed to La Mina which is an incredibly peaceful and beautiful sanctuary on a luscious green hilltop with a mind-blowing view. It has an Indian theme and makes the most delicious food! We are the only ones staying there so it feels like our own little slice of heaven- pool and all.

Monday was spent doing service in the community. We spent the morning working on a deserving teacher’s home building a roof, mixing cement, plastering walls, preparing recycled materials to reuse on the house, and lesson planning for the afternoon. After lunch we ran a mini summer camp at the local school for 5-10 year olds. We created three different stations and made jewelry, did finger painting, and taught English through an art project involving animals.

Today we worked for a free summer camp for the children of Cabrera. We immediately immersed ourselves into the rather large camp by splitting into teams and helping to supervise groups of children divided by age as the rotated from one activity to the next. We also helped facilitate games and learning activities. We spent the rest of the day exploring Cabrera, calling home, eating ice cream (it is hot!) and going swimming. As usual, we will have an evening circle after dinner where we play games and do reflection activities.

Tomorrow we will be working in La Mina again for our final day of service, which will be followed by a huge Indian Feast! We love the Dominican Republic!!!