A Balinese Thanksgiving!

Thanksgiving was awesome! It started great by waking up to breakfast and then heading off to the grocery store for some grocery shopping. Wooooooo! Grocery shopping was interesting because we had to replace an item in almost all the Thanksgiving recipes we’d chosen, which left us questioning how good the recipes were going to turn out. For example, they didn’t have turkey, so  we bought chicken and tuna instead. After we got back to the villa it was time to start cooking (for those who were excited to cook). Most of us went out for lunch so that we didn’t have to cook that on top of Thanksgiving dinner, and we brought back food for Akasha, Chelsea, and Grady (The Main Chefs). We luckily found mashed potatoes at lunch, so bought all of them from the restaurant. We also bought gelato. When we got back it was full-on cooking time (Max and I seared the tuna, which takes basically no time at all). We then all ate a huge Thanksgiving dinner, which was delicious and ranged from vegetables and fruits to chicken to grilled cheese to the finale of key lime pie. It was a delicious and great Thanksgiving feast and we all went to bed stuffed. I was gonna say happy and stuffed, but the reality is that I was in a lot of pain from all the food I’d eaten. Well, that concluded our Student Planned Module and I am super glad we did it. Thanks for reading folks.