A special day teaching

Today, Cambodians commemorated the King’s death by taking a day off from school. Back home, I count down the days until each holiday, and entertain myself in my free time with Netflix and meals with friends. Here however, even when education is scarce, kids use their holiday at school, learning and playing together.

When we arrived at the Elma school at 8 AM, the field was covered in kids playing together, and many girls in the classrooms reading books. We were all so excited that they had come this morning to play with us. While some of us played soccer and volleyball, others pulled weeds and picked up trash. In the last hour of our time there, I found more than 20 younger girls playing hangman in the classroom. As I sat down with a few of them, I observed how eager they are all were to spell another English word in guess each letter. I envy their enthusiasm for learning and hope to bring their passion and excitement home with me. With each color or month that they spelled correctly, their spirits and my love for them grew!