An African Thanksgiving

After taking some time to journal and reflect on the many things that we are grateful for, we met back up in our outdoor “kitchen” to start the charcoal and plan out our dishes. Seeing as Stop and Shop was not right around the corner, and the closest we had to an oven was a charcoal pit, we had to improvise some of our planned dishes.

Instead of chicken stock, we used chicken noodle soup broth for the stuffing. Instead of green beans… they rotted on us… we experimented with zuchini, carrots and cumin, the result being a delicious fried vegetable pancake (that even May ate!). Instead of a nice beautiful salad… we had a nice beautiful cucumber and tomato salad. AND, duh duh duh, instead of a puny little turkey, we had an African specialty (and rarity)… a shoulder of IMPALA, given to us as a Thanksgiving gift from our kind hosts, and pseudo grandparents, Ma and BJ. But we didn’t stop there, for dessert, behold, a sweet potato carrot pineapple pie, an apple crisp, a chocolate cookie brownie pan, and sparkling white grape juice.