Colorado National Monument, Climbing, and Ranch Visit

Hi everyone!

After finishing our Wilderness First Responder course (we all passed!!) the group headed to Grand Junction, Colorado. For the first three days of this week we stayed at Saddlehorn National Monument. The views were absolutely amazing!! The group definitely took advantage of the beautiful campsite we were staying in and went on many walks.

Our first full day in Colorado was very eventful. We drove for around an hour to visit Rebecca, a life coach, to make all sorts of apple related foods. We spent around two hours picking apples and making them into apple cider, applesauce, and just eating them in general. After filling ourselves with apples, we headed over to a bison ranch. The owner of the ranch, Jake, explained to us some background information about the bison and even let us feed them! We all agreed it was really cool to see the bison stampede run in sync for food. The owner said that on average he worked 16 hours a day since his primary job is working as a physician assistant. While at the bison farm we worked on fencing for a few hours before heading back to the campsite.

The next day we got to go rock climbing! We spent a couple of hours alternating climbing four different rock walls. There were two different types of rock to climb: slab and crack. We all were in awe of Selah, an 11 year old who was helping guide us with rock climbing. After rock climbing, we went on a huge hike to the lemon squeezer. If you were wondering, it was as intense as it sounds. Though it was very physically demanding, the payoff was an amazing view.

Now we are headed outside of Escalante, Colorado to spend 3 days primitive camping learning about water rights with the Glen Canyon Institute.

Talk to you soon,