Daraja Academy!

It’s a beautiful day here at Daraja – sunshine, gentle breeze and many smiling faces. We’ve just finished lunch, after an exciting morning where a herd of 121 camels wandered through the campus, and are having some free time before our 4th Swahili lessons starts at 3. Read more

We’ve just finished our first week and a half and can now proudly say that we know half of the form 1’s names (the freshman class) due to some serious studying after every meal we share with the girls. We’re busy doing projects with our clubs, for example, Drew is painting a mural on the front gate with the Art Club, and Katie is taking pictures of student life for the Media Club. We also find time to squeeze in games of football, volleyball or even net ball, and currently have Teacher Joseph, the science teacher, asking for a challenge in a game of table-tennis (ping-pong). We’ve spent the last few days sharing meals with the girls, attempting to braid their hair, joining in on a music-filled Catholic church service that set us the challenge of learning various dances and songs, sorting rocks out of a number of bags of beans, all as tall as me (5’3) and, of course, listening to their stories.