Experiencing a Delhi Slum

Our tour was guided by teenagers that lived in the slums and are now working for Salaam Balak Trust, a non-profit that helps children in need by providing shelter and food for them. This experience was beyond eye opening. All 18 of us witnessed something that truly makes us grateful for the lives we are given.

Once the journey through the city was over, we made our way to a traditional lunch place with our amazing guide Nanaki. Like all other meals, the food was incredibly spicy, but as always, fillings and delicious.

The next day we had a free day in Delhi, which was a wonderful opportunity to explore the historic capital city. We went to the beautiful Lodhi Garden, which proved to be a peaceful break from the chaos of Delhi. In the garden we enjoyed the greenery, flowers, swans, and architecture from the Lodhi empire of the 1400s. And several of us enjoyed fresh coconuts and ice cream! After a relaxing morning in the park, we went to see a Bollywood movie, full of music and dancing. After a brief stop at the lotus temple, we hopped back on the metro to get back to our hotel for an early dinner and bedtime before an early flight north to the mountains!