Final Days In Rishikesh

We can’t believe it, but it’s our last day here in India. It’s incredible how quickly time can pass; the impermanence of this trip is setting in so quickly!

Since we last checked in we have been spending our time at an Ashram in the Holy city of Rishikesh. It was a huge change of pace as we settled into the interesting new atmosphere of a city centered around daily prayer and cleansing provided by the Ganga River.

Our ashram was nestled up against the river’s bank and provided the opportunity to make our way to an evening ceremony every night. Rishikesh highlights include navigating our way through narrow streets populated with local vendors, Holy Cows and visitors seeking both enlightenment and peace, an Ayurvedic cooking class, and a cleansing ceremony at the Ganga.

Our experiences in Rishikesh were capped off by an evening train back to Delhi; we boarded as the setting sun covered the land that we traveled through, catching brief glimpses of people closing out their working days.

Our day today is full of closing ceremonies as well as a yoga class to help us reflect on the challenging, exhilarating and growth oriented experiences we have had in India together. Tonight we board a plane back to the United States changed forever.