Full Day of Activities!

Hi ARCC Families! Just had a long talk with Alex in Jarabacoa! Sounds like the group is getting along famously! They had a great day of rafting and ropes course. Alex said that everyone loved their whitewater guides and they guided them through many drops and rapids. The ropes course was hard enough to be a challenge for everyone, but not too scary! The weather has been hot, but it rained in between activities and cooled everything off.

The group has many ARCC Alumni and they are carrying on the ARCC traditions of “Birdie on the Perch”, “Big Booty” and other ARCC activities. The group was just sitting down for dinner and gave their HELLO and HOLA to everyone.

Tomorrow the group will get an early start, head down to the town of Cabarete to join forces with the DREAM Project.