Halong Bay

Waking up to the scent of a salty ocean for the first time this trip, we rolled out of bed and saw the paradise we had enveloped ourselves in. After some fun and games, we began our voyage on a rustic Vietnamese boat called a junk.

As we came to a stop in the middle of Lan Ha Bay, we decided to go for another kayaking adventure. Paddling through the islands, we entered cave after cave. We dubbed our final destination, “Jellyfish Lagoon.” Entering the lagoon, we were surrounded by large rocks that secluded us from everything. As we paddled through colonies of jellyfish, we all became aware of just how exotic our location was. In general, we had another great day on this wonderful trip.

Today we ventured onward on our journey to Lan Ha Bay. Depsite the early wakeup, the full day made it worthwhile. The ferry ride over was certainly a new experience that allowed us to get a really new grasp on Vietnamese culture. The boat was completely packed with people, babies crying, muggy air, and a fishy aroma in the air. Out the windows there was a beautiful view and the waves caused the boat to jolt up and down, children laughing with every jump. Riding on this ferry gave us a view of how locals here live, and how they get around.

Today also involved arriving at our island camp, which was beautiful. We went kayaking through the turquoise waters, which were so serene. We have never seen a place that matched so closely to the postcards and photographs we’ve seen. The island has a very positive energy, the people are incredibly friendly and everyone seems to be living simply but happily.