Hard at Work in Hawaii

Whaddup fam, Camryn and Bella here!!

We’ve had a great time being Leaders of the Days for this crazy group of friends during our service days. Thursday was our second day of service at the coffee farm. We planted coffee and banana trees, spread mulch, and harvested other edible plants like taro, hibiscus, sweet potatoes, and more. Bella and Darsh worked hard to plant two trees (in 2 hours, EEK) but got the job done… eventually. Phoebe, Grace, and Caitie had to massage the coffee plants out of the containers in order to plant.

After we finished our service we had time to milk the goats, which Sam Audrey and I (Camryn) enjoyed learning how to do. Sam also was the only one to catch a chicken whose name was Beyoncé!

Friday was our last day at the coffee farm so we picked coffee all day. We had to wake up at 5 am in order to get there at 7:30 so we had a good amount of time to pick as much as possible. There was a point system for every pound you picked and a certain amount of pounds could buy you coffee, T-shirt, tank top, mugs, or a sweatshirt. We had much higher expectations of how many pounds we would be able to pick. Phoebe was our best picker with an astounding 43lbs!! Most of us got some merchandise and/or coffee and that was a wrap for the coffee farm!

The next two days we worked at a beautiful Japanese Garden called Lili‘uokalani Park and Gardens. It is a place where people come to take walks and de-stress. Dr. O and KT told us about how the Japanese Gardens have been proven to lower heart rate and anxiety. The first day we helped dig up mud from the pond. Baylen and Camryn took one for the team and got into the pond and shoveled out sulfur mud. They were knee-deep and got the job done quickly with the rest of their group. Walker, Malu, and Grace worked tentatively on weeding the overgrown plant areas while others worked at cleaning up around the tea house. The next day we focused on uncovering a path by the peace pole near the ocean in the Japanese Garden for the peace ceremony coming up soon. Tara and McKayla worked well together to protect the path and make sure it looked clean by sweeping and pulling weeds out.

From these 5 days of service, we’ve learned that when we put our minds to it we can get a lot done quickly. We are exhausted from the week but excited to surf the gnar tomorrow in Kona!