Hola from Cabarete!

The whole group arrived in Santo Domingo yesterday. We piled into our bus at the airport and got acquainted with our bus driver, Alex, who will be with us for the whole program. From there, we drove back into the city, got settled into our hotel, and walked a few blocks to La Plaza España for dinner. We played a few name games in the plaza and had our first “chow circle”, then went up to the rooftop of Angelo’s for some Dominican pizza! During dinner we were lucky enough to hear some live music and watch a trapeze artist down below us in the plaza. After dinner everyone was pretty exhausted so we walked back to our hotel and promptly went to bed.

This morning we woke up bright and early and ate a delicious breakfast at our hotel. After that we met our tour guide, Angel, and he gave us a two hour walking tour of the Colonial District in Santo Domingo. We saw the oldest cathedral in the America’s, the ruins of Santo Domingo’s first hospital and we learned how chocolate is made. We also discovered chocolate tea… It’s delicious!

After our tour we ate a traditional Dominican lunch of chicken, fish, rice, beans, and plantains. We gathered our things and embarked on our journey up north to Cabarete! About four hours later we arrived at our beautiful hotel. We took some time to play on the beach and then ate a big pasta dinner. After that we had our evening meeting, during which we formulated our group creed and everybody got their very own ARCC t-shirts!
Everything is going great so far. Everyone is having fun and looking forward to starting our first service project with the DREAM Foundation tomorrow!