Hola from the DR!

¡Hola! From Santo Domingo, the capital city of the Dominican Republic! Although we just met only a short two days ago, we already feel so connected to each other. Yesterday, our first full day, we jumped right into our community service in the small town of La Piedra. We were given a tour by our local partner, S, and were able to see the small library they have, the clinic, the bathhouse, and the community center. After our tour, we jumped right into service by helping line a perimeter of the large open area with stacked cinder blocks. This will eventually be the perimeter of a new fence.

We then switched gears and began the cultural exchange (or “intercambio”) period of our day. Laughing, dancing, basketball, volleyball, and games exchanged were all a part of this experience. After lunch, we were lucky enough to go on a cave tour right in La Piedra. The president of the foundation taught us all about stalactites and stalagmites as we toured almost all 24 rooms of the cave. What a natural wonder!

Then it was back to the Colonial Zone of Santo Domingo where we had a delicious family style meal at a local restaurant, La Atarazana. After, we headed back to our hotel and played a few games in the street, including Ninja, which is the game you see in the picture! Following Ninja, we created our Group Creed, then got our ARCC t-shirts, and the awesome alumni got their alumni gifts! We are so excited to head to Jarabacoa today to begin the rafting section over the next few days.