Life at Ziwa Rhino Sanctuary

Activities come next and here at Ziwa that may include teaching at Hakuna Matata Primary School as Morgan, Katie and Sophia did the other day. Imagine 45 kids from 2 to 9 years old in a two room school house about the size of a New York studio apartment.

Teaching the alphabet, counting to 1 to 10, learning body parts, shapes and even managed a bit of Duck, Duck, Goose. We also head out into the bush to monitor and track the one of 10 rhinos here in the sanctuary -a practice which everyone has enjoyed. In a nutshell, you do what the Rhinos do. When the Rhinos move, you move. When the Rhinos feed, you feed. When the Rhinos sleep, you sleep. Seriously, we took a three hour nap with the rangers, sleeping just 30 meters from the Rhino. With Bella and Augusto (momma and her calf) soundly snoring away, it actually is quite relaxing. And as the afternoon passes on, the African Skies turn dark, the thunder rumbles above the savanna and the rains do come. First in large drops intermittently giving us a respite from the heat. Then in a cascading downpour sweeping across the lands bathing the flora and fauna as an expected gift. We find cover under a canopy of green.