Life on the Farm

Touchdown. After a full day of travel, we have arrived to El Cairo where we will be teaching English to Costa Rican grade schoolers over the next few days! The past few days we have been lending a hand at an environmentally sustainable farm in the highlands at Ranchos Tinamu. Hard work and new experiences abounded as we laid gravel for footpaths, fed the farm animals, dug ditches, and even milked the cows each morning!

When a long day of farm chores had left us worn out and ready for some refreshment, we took a quick hike to the local water hole with a beautiful waterfall! The food made by our host family was incredible the entire time we were there, and we gained a new appreciation for the work it takes when helping to sort bags of the organically-raised black beans used in our meals. We were in excellent company at Tinamu and not just with our host family, but with our farm animal friends. Osa, the farm dog, the baby chicks, pigs, dairy cows, and our favorite feline friend, Gypsy, kept us entertained and warm-hearted all day long. And at night, entertaining “evening circles” with games like “psychiatrist” and “celebrity” have left us in stitches laughing and getting to know each other.

Had an incredible first stretch of our trip so far, and we’re excited to begin the next chapter!