Loving Hawaii!

Aloha! So far the trip has been amazing and memorable! Our first service project was at the Limihuli botanical garden, which consisted of lots of weeding and wading through native Hawaiian vegetation. It was really cool because we not only bonded with our own group but also with the volunteers from the Hawaiian conservation corps. With them, we participated in games like the human knot, ate lunch with them and some of the volunteers assisted Jesse in cracking the first coconut of the trip.

During that same day we were able to try more native Hawaiian foods such as Poi which John was the first to try. After that we all changed into our bathing suits and walked across the street to jump into the creek. The girls were the first to jump into the freezing cold water, followed by the boys. Next we headed to the grocery store where we split up into groups and competed for a snack. The dairy group finished their grocery shopping first so they won—Austin, Jack, Anabel and Quincy. Then we went back to our beautiful campsite right on the beach. We hung out, had evening circle and elected our first Leader of the Day.

The next day we woke up early at 7am and did our normal morning routine and headed to the Kapaa Boys and Girls Club. When we arrived at our service site we were given a brief introduction and broken up into co-leader pairs and then joined with groups of about five children. With these groups with played games and bonded with the kids and each other. We also enhanced our leadership abilities. Once the games were over we had lunch and spent some more time getting to know the kids. We had fun getting the kids to come out of their shells. We said goodbye to our new friends and went back to the campsite. When we got there Katya, Anabel, Quincy, John and Whitney went swimming in the ocean for about an hour, enjoying the waves and having a good time. After dinner, we then settled down for the night we debriefed the day and got our ARCC T shirts. And we all gave our roses, thorns, and buds for the day.