Our Rice Farming Village

Hello everyone!

We have just arrived in Darma’s beautiful village! Our first two days in the village were filled with muddy rice farming. Our first day, we plowed and decided to tackle each other in the mud which turned into doing mud relay races. The second day, Alex joined us in on the fun of mud fights after we planted the rice. After our mud adventures, we washed off in a nearby river that is absolutely beautiful and extremely refreshing.

After rice farming, we went to town to go to the local market. It was fascinating going to a market that was not touristy, so we gave our tastebuds some adventure time. We all went to a stand where a man had a machine that squeezed the sugarcane juice out of the sticks, so we all purchased a bag of sugarcane juice and enjoyed it in the heat. After we still had a few minutes left, so everyone went and tried their own foods which all ended up being a hit.

Our days became too hot to do anything during the afternoon, so most of us enjoyed each other’s presence in our community area in Darma’s house. It’s been an amazing experience learning about a new culture and getting to know our new friends. Sumatra is a beautiful area with luscious vegetation, and I am filled with appreciation to get to learn how to appreciate the land how the locals do.

Your Leader of the Week,