Reflections in Fiji

I have learned to respect and cherish everything we have back home such as the basics we use every day. I notice with time some things start to lose their value, like a hot shower. But, I feel if you are living off of just the bare minimum you appreciate a whole lot more of what life has to offer. My goal in life would to be figure out a way to not lose sight on all of the values, basics and privileges we have back home.

Another big thing I have learned from being away from home is that no matter how far you are you are still able to meet new people that share the same sense of humor and love for this world as you do. For example when I met my boy Junior here, a local from Fiji, I found myself bonding with this kid just as I would with some of my best friends back home. I also met some of his cousins on the island of Beqa. For example, these kids Jim, Solo, Ruben and Watson, who are by far the funniest kids I have met on this trip and the most resourceful. Especially Jim who is 13 and knows how to use a machete better than anyone I know.

Now for a little recap of the week: sadly we had to leave our home stays a little bit early because of the passing of the island’s chief. But nonetheless, the time we spent on that island was unforgettable. We are now enjoying the sweet comfort of air-conditioning and clean sheets. This week we are finally scuba diving, which so far has been freaking awesome and something completely out of this world! Evening Circles have been excellent with my awesome Co Leader of the Week, Emilie, that have been full of great questions and fun games.

Some of the things I have enjoyed since I’ve been on this wonderful islands are the fooood, the people (nothing but love and smiles!), and being able to work out and go for runs around the island and getting energized by it. Fiji time is straight up bliss, from the beautiful sunshine to the cooling of the rain to that beautiful blue water that draws amazing people (especially those I am with right now!) from all over the world.

Furthermore, a shout out to my three beautiful sisters back home. I miss you very much, and to my fav peeps momma and papa I love you I can’t wait to see you xoxo!

Your Leader of the Week,