Reflections on Our Two-Weeks

Upon arrival everything soon becomes shared. We share tents, responsibilities, and experiences. We share all these once-in-a-lifetime adventures and see out-of-this-world views and sights, helping out as we go. All of our experiences are unforgettable, but the times where we bond the most are those in-between moments. The long car rides, unique games, and intimate campfires. They are what make all the adventurous parts so special.

Without the inside jokes, the singing in the car, and the times we have to speak openly about our feelings, those magical experiences of service and adventure would not exist. When we all go our separate ways, we’ll think back on all the fun we had. First, we’ll remember working with those adorable kids at the Canal Childcare Center, feeding breakfast to San Francisco’s homeless, catching our first waves and having our breath taken away by Lake Tahoe and Yosemite. Then we’ll think harder and smile at the memory of the 4th of July fireworks, swimming in Mirror Lake, and playing contact on the trolley. Those are the things we’ll miss the most. The things listed in our itinerary from when we first signed up for this trip are not the things that will let our friendships live on. Huddling together for warmth, talking in southern accents, and peeing in the woods together are what brought us so close.