SCUBA Certified!

Let’s have a round of applause for our newly certified PADI open water scuba divers!

Everyone in the group passed the course with flying colors and had lots of fun while doing so. Our instructors, Mike, Nick, and John, were fantastic! We learned a lot from them and felt more than comfortable diving into the depths after their instruction.

Our first day out at sea brought us off the coast of crescent beach, a stunning white sand beach located just north of the Kona airport. There, we had our first experience breathing under the blue blanket of the Pacific Ocean. Divers never forget their first dive and we are certain we won’t forget ours. We encountered a vast array of life on our first dive, seeing the plentiful diversity of Hawaiian sea creatures. We also practiced the skills taught to us and got more comfortable in the water. After the dives, we treated ourselves to some of the freshest seafood we have ever eaten. Yum!

The next day we left the Honokohau Harbor excited to complete our diver certification. This time, we dove a famous dive site called “suckem up,” named for the skull-shaped cavern that can, and will “suck up” unaware divers into the rough surf above. With our local guides and newfound skills, we avoided all dangers and succeeded in completing our certification. While down under, we saw octopus, turtles, and eels, oh my! Some of us were even lucky enough to catch a glimpse of the resident white-tipped shark that lurks in and around the caverns. What an adventure! After working up an appetite, we celebrated with homemade chicken parm and ice cream.

We are off to enjoy our last day on the Kona side of the island before heading to Hilo. We are jam-packed today with a surf lesson, exploring Kona, and a night time manta day scuba. We all have our fingers crossed that the manta show up!

We will update again once we have arrived to our next destination, the Farm.Until then!