SCUBA Diving!


This week we checked something off of our bucket list. At 7 am every day, we woke up, shoved breakfast into our mouths, and piled into the van to head to scuba diving!! Over the course of three days we learned a variety of skills and eventually completed our SCUBA certifications. Personally, it was one of the most amazing, yet terrifying things I have ever done.

On the first day we split into our scuba groups which remained the same through the three days. We took turns going into the pool to learn the basics (breathing, equalizing, clearing the regulator, etc). Breathing underwater sure works up an appetite. Once lunchtime rolled around we all devoured our food; no crumbs were left on the plates. Exhausted, we headed back to the hotel, watched a movie and all passed out.

The second day was a day to remember. We used the skills we learned in the pool in the actual ocean. After an expected 30-minute boat ride turned into an hour and a half ride, we finally arrived at Yanuca island. Once we anchored the boat, it was time. Hardly being able to stand up with the heavy gear attached to us, we stumbled over to the back of the boat and stepped off. As our hearts race, we deflated our BCDs and sunk to the bottom. The descent was nerve-racking but as soon as we saw the beautiful sea world below us, our nerves trickled away. The colorful fish and coral were hands down some of the most unforgettable sights I have ever seen.

The third day was pure excitement for the group. The nerves were gone and we just wanted to get straight into the water. This time we got the chance to go down about 60ft. At first, the water was cloudy, but once we got to the bottom, all the bright colors of the ocean were clear as can be. Being underwater makes everything more exciting. Even just scooping up a handful of sand and seeing it slowly seep through my fingers was amazing to me.

This is an experience that we will never forget!

We hope everything is running smoothly back in the States and we will talk soon!

Vinaka vaka Levu,
Your Leader of the Week