Surf Camp & Quito

After leaving the Beautiful town of San Isidro, we traveled to Uvita and were happily welcomed into surf camp by our host, Marvin. We arrived around noon and used our times to relax, explore the campsite and beach, play games, and eat delicious meals prepared by our friends. After a relaxed day and reviewing the schedule for the next few days, everyone headed off to bed early to get plenty of rest for our first day of surfing lessons!

On Sunday morning, we woke up around 7am, (except for those whose turn it was to cook, who woke up at 6am), ate a delicious breakfast and met out 3 awesome surf instructors – Laura, Luigi and Monay. They explained some of the basic rules of surfing, then had us practice popping up on a sand-sketched surf board. Once everyone became comfortable on land, we split into 3 groups and got to practice on whitewater! It was thrilling, fun, hilarious, and slightly frustrating all at once. It was great seeing everyone trying and cheering one another on! After about 2 hours of standing and falling repeatedly, we all went back to relax and refuel. After another surf lesson in a rainy afternoon, everyone was wiped out from the amazing experience of catching waves. Everyone truly earned and enjoyed their dinner and a good nights sleep.

Monday morning we woke up earlier, ate breakfast, and went off to play in the surf again. Everyone was already much better and catching waves as if they were pros! Lunch was delicious, and we had an even longer break in the afternoon to use the internet at a nearby café. After another surf lesson in the afternoon, we had another great dinner, and settled down for a movie night. Before we watched Avatar, Johanna explained to us how the movie reflected the destruction of culture and our oblivion to the destruction we cause. We only watched half of the movie before everyone dozed off from exhaustion. It was an amazing movie so far, and we planned to finish it in the next few days.

On Tuesday morning, we woke up early for our final surfing lesson and ocean fun! We made sure to pack up early, thank our instructors and host, and heading back to the hostel we stayed in our first few days in Heredia. It was like coming home! We showered, got nicely dressed for the first time in a month, and ate dinner at a restaurant in San Jose with the most gorgeous view overlooking the city. It was a perfect, beautiful, and bittersweet way to celebrate our final day in Costa Rica!

The next morning we woke up and said our final farewell to beautiful Costa Rica, mentally preparing ourselves for the long travel day ahead of us! We flew at 10am to Colombia, had a 7 hour layover, and arrived at our destination in Ecuador at 11pm. Some showered, ate snacks, and all went to bed as soon as they could!

Thursday morning we woke up to the bustling city of Quito, Ecuador! We had our breakfast, and were soon exploring the beautiful cathedrals, city plazas, and enjoying the business of the city. We then rode a bus for 45 minutes to the equator, which was super awesome to say the least! We had an opportunity to shop around for souvenirs, toiletries, and snacks once we arrived in Quito, and in order to get back to our hotel we had to take a public bus!

On Friday, we rode a bus for 2 hours toward Mindo, where we went on 13 different ziplines through the canopies of a cloud forest. The whole experience was about 1 hour and 30 minutes; it was exhilarating and had stunning views! Everyone had the opportunity to zip-line with a guide and fly like superman or an upside-down butterfly! After our adventure, we ate lunch, and headed back toward Quito for some rest before departing toward Banos tomorrow! We are all excited to see what lies ahead next in Ecuador!