Surfrider and Surfing on Kauai

SurfRider Foundation Service and Surfing Today we got up and had a variety of breakfast choices. There was oatmeal, granola and yogurt, cereal, and bananas and strawberries. Today we worked with the Surf Rider Foundation. We started off by walking down the coast and picking up all of the trash we could find on the beach. We collected our 50 lbs of trash and debris.

ur next job was a tough one. We helped to remove a large fishing net that had washed up on shore. It was rough because it was pretty buried in sand and was very difficult to dig out. We worked super hard and removed over 400 lbs of net!! After saying goodbye to Barbara and Scott from Surf Rider we headed to Poipu Beach for our second surf lesson. We shredded the gnar once again as well as taking some pretty rad wipeouts. After surfing we hung out on the beach for a bit and played some lap tag and predator/defender. It was a lot of fun and interesting at the same time because all the folks at the beach around us were curious what we were doing. We even had a girl come up and ask us what our group was all about and how could she sign up because we were having so much fun. The surf instructors got a kick out of our group as well.

We are now headed back to camp for a yummy mac n cheese dinner with oatmeal raisin cookies for dessert.