The Adventures Continue…

Reporting live from North Lake Tahoe, where the sun is blazing and the water is mighty fine. Since we last spoke, we have had tons of adventures. On Friday, we left our cushy accommodations in the Presidio and drove through wine country on our way to Cache Creek. We landed at the Cache Creek campsite and pulled up amongst some fellow campers who were still celebrating the Fourth of July (one day late). Cache Creek was much hotter than the Presidio, so we decided to circle up and sleep together under the stars.

The next morning we awoke to the smell of sizzling bacon and buttery pancakes. After we had our fill, Scott, Brooke and Ginny arrived (from the ARCC office) to teach us the ways of the water. After some safety 101 we geared up with life jackets, personalized helmets and hit the water. We rushed down the rapids (Pinball and Mother) and surprisingly we all stayed managed to stay in the boat. At the end of the day we had a large meal of BBQ chicken and sausage. YUM!

The next morning we slept in till the glorious hour of nine and then packed up camp. We said our goodbyes to the campground hosts, Jesse and Debbie, and hit the road for Truckee! The girls supplied the tunes as we sang along to jams from Pitch Perfect. We arrived at Donner State Park in Truckee, where we soon realized that we were now deep in bear country! We left city camping and campsites to a more secluded wilderness experience. We walked to Donner Lake and ended up enjoying the view and playing games until We stayed by the lake until after sunset. After our evening circle, we played a game of mafia and crawled into our sleeping bags, admiring the stars and hoping that the bears wouldn’t pay us a visit. Tomorrow we plan to hike and swim! That is all for now.