The Farm, Green Sand, and Malama Ki

Hi everyone! It’s Sydney from Boston and this past week, I was the leader of the week with my friend Livvy. We were the first leaders of the week of the whole trip and we had a lot of fun! Livvy already reported on our week a bit, but it was our first week out of quarantine so it was very exciting!

We spent one day at our home base, The Farm, doing some different projects. Some of our groups helped the owner chop down a large guava tree and move large branches away from the driveway to help clear space. Another project involved removing invasive plants and overgrown bushes from the property to clear up space for Vireya Rhododendrons to grow. The farm grows over 750 varieties of these flowers! Our work helped a lot in their plans to make a walkway lined with flowers! The third group spent the day painting a mural with a logo for the farm that they designed. They drew a blue wave with flowers around it, and it turned out incredibly well! Overall, a good day of work!

The next day our host took us to one of his favorite spots, Malama Ki. We used our headlamps and climbed through a dark cave, where we emerged to a gorgeous view of the ocean. The waves were splashing up against the rocks, and there were lots of little tide pools that we could explore and lay in. He told us that Hawaiians go to Malama Ki to think and sort out problems that they have. It was so cool! I especially loved watching the waves crash against the rocks and erupt, and getting sprayed with saltwater.

Yesterday was our Student Planned day, where we got to research and pick an activity to do for the day. We chose to go to the Green Sand Beach on the south side of the island, which is one of only four green sand beaches in the world! After walking 2.5 miles along the coast, we arrived at the beach! It was a really cool, semi-hidden cove that we climbed down into. The water was so blue and we spent all day playing in the waves! Nobody wanted to get out of the water to leave! It was a very successful student planned day, and we are all looking forward to a fun student planned module in a few weeks!