Welcome to Vietnam

Today we visited the Village, which is a learning facility for children and adults affected by Agent Orange, the toxic chemical substance which the US sprayed during the Vietnam War.

It was used as an herbicide to kill off the thick jungles, but it has had lasting effects on the population and has left many people with severe physical handicaps. We had the opportunity to meet some of these incredible children today, along with working on the grounds of the Friendship Village and enjoying an afternoon downpour. When we came into their classrooms and sat with the kids, they smiled and laughed despite their difficult lot in life, and we ended up having a very fun day with them. Some students even had a dance party! Meeting these children was very emotional for me, especially because I haven’t been on a service trip like this one before. Although I have been jet lagged for the past two days, working with those kids gave me a second wind and inspired me. I’m very grateful to have met these children and to have such an opportunity like this. Their smiles showed me that the simplest acts can affect someone and change their lives.