We’ve Arrived at Lake Toba!

After a long travel day consisting of a bus, ferry, and truck ride, we finally made it to the village late at night. We were welcomed with a delicious chicken dinner and were introduced to our lovely homestay families. On Saturday we were given the opportunity to paint the fence surrounding the local elementary school. It was one of the only service projects where we could truly see the instant outcome, so we all felt really accomplished after finishing it. Once we were done with painting and lunch, we got to pick coffee beans!! We spent an hour picking the little berries, and once our buckets were full enough, we dumped them all into a machine that separated the bean from the skin of the berry. It was interesting to see how coffee beans look before they are roasted. After we freshened up from the picking, the ladies of the village cooked us rissoles which were delicious. We devoured them. The rest of the night we just relaxed.

Sunday we lent a hand making water filters. We took an empty water jug and added foam, fiber pieces, charcoal, sand, and rocks. This water filter will be able to clean 60% of the water for the villagers. It will be a big accomplishment for the residents. Later in the day we roasted the coffee, ground it up, and then sifted the grounds to get the final product. It took approximately four hours for us to get all of the coffee to a fine powder that we could use to drink. That night the villagers started a fire and we all sat around it and enjoyed the warmth.

Monday was a tree planting day. We split up in two groups and planted around 100 trees. The weather was perfect. It was a little overcast so the sun wasn’t beating down and the humidity levels were very low. After all the trees were planted we all hung out in the common area of the village and ate lunch, read books, and just chatted until Febroni took us on a walk to see the floating island! He has pictures from throughout the years that prove how the island has moved slightly. We then enjoyed a nice dinner and packed since we leave the village tomorrow.

See you all soon!

Leader of the Week