What has Surprised you the most so far on our Trip?

Adam: How fun and interesting it can be to help others. It’s been a great experience to volunteer at the Glide Foundation and St. Anthony’s. I’m glad I can make an impact on people’s lives and enjoy doing it. Thalia: What has surprised me the most on the trip so far is how close we have all gotten already. It seems as if we have known each other for so long! It is going by so fast! Surprisingly, we have made some really great food.
Dylan: I’m surprised how comfortable we all have gotten with each other and how quickly we opened up. Also, I’m impressed at how dedicated and hardworking we all have been at all of our service projects. We all get along great and make a great team!
Natalie: The thing that surprises me most is the great food and how comfortable our living conditions are…camping is fun! We are also such good friends already. I’m surprised that we don’t smell that bad…yet.
Natalia: I’m most surprised by the quality of people I have met so far. We have all gotten so close, and I’m so thankful to have been introduced to such good people. I’m glad to know people who take as much pleasure from helping out, laughing and getting active as I do. 🙂
Rachel: All the people I have met have been super special and I love them all. I have gotten so close to them all. I am so thankful for their love.
Eric: I am most surprised by how close our group has become. I was expecting lots of small groups within the group based on who knew who from before the trip, but instead we have all become one close community.
Michael: I have been the most surprised by the quality of the food throughout the trip. I thought I’d be struggling through mountain meals and bread, but it has all been delicious!
Raphael: I have been surprised by two things. On one hand, I have seen that the organization of each day was perfect. Every activity, from the wake up to night time, was planned, so we didn’t waste any time. All days have been amazing! On the second hand, I have discovered that the mentality of the group is always really nice, very positive, helpful, and talkative. This has all contributed to a great experience! Vive le groupe “terrible raptors!”
Sarah: I was surprised at how great the food is, even though it takes so long to prepare and clean up. I was also surprised at how great everyone on the trip is and how well the group has meshed and gotten to know each other. We discovered we are all very similar after we overcame our initial awkwardness.
Mackenzie: The thing that has surprised me the most so far is the food. I didn’t expect it to be so good!
Talia: The thing that surprised me the most so far is how diverse San Francisco can be between the changing weather, beautiful mountain views, and Pacific coastline.