White Water Rafting

Hey Everyone!

We are back! We are currently on our way to Durango after an AMAZING rafting trip down the Colorado River. We traveled 110 miles down the river and found plenty of rapids to soak ourselves with and beautiful beaches to camp on each night. We spent our nights eating delicious dinners and gazing at the stars, and Dillon even had a birthday celebration. Everyone had the opportunity to ride multiple different styles of boats, from the larger motor boat, to the small inflatable kayak. We also were able to visit many historical sites that featured granaries and pictographs from the ancestral pueblo people.

During our nights camping we were able to develop our group creed and expectations and started coming together as a bonded community in which we can all support each other and hold each other accountable. We have also appointed our first Leaders of the Week (Lila and Dillon) and they are off to a great start guiding the group and leading activities. Other appointed leadership roles include Kyle leading Van and Trailer Crew with Max and Charlotte, Julia leading Camp Maintenance Crew with Simon and Brian, and Ava on Kitchen Crew with Maeve, Charlie, and Jacquie. You can also look forward to the next blog being written by our Professor role, Daphne.

Overall, we had a once in a lifetime trip down the Colorado, one that won’t be soon forgotten. Next up is Mission Wolf! We are looking forward to helping support the wolf sanctuary in whatever ways we can. Photos to come!

Signing off,
Ryan and Chris